i'm an agronomist

Ryan Reimers

1. Where are you from?
Denison, Iowa

2. What first started your interest in agronomy?
In high school I was very active in FFA and various CDE (Career Development Event) teams within it such as the agronomy, crop scouting, and soils evaluation teams. These teams introduced me to the basic fundamentals of agronomy. Growing up on a farm with production agriculture also sparked questions that agronomy seemed to have answers for.

3. What are some of the main issues for society that you are concerned about?
Being able to feed a population of 9 billion people by 2050 is an issue that is a major concern, but also soil degradation of fertile soils over many years of over use without regards to resupplying fertility with farming practices that are feasible in an economical and sustainable way.

4. Do you have any advice for those thinking about continuing their education to address the issues you’ve mentioned?
The best advice is to get involved in whatever you are passionate about whether that be a certain club, organization, committee, or anything else. Solutions for upcoming issues and concerns will need efficient communication between all those involved so step out of your box and do something new to see other people’s perspectives.

5. Why did you choose Iowa State University?
Iowa State University is one of the leading universities in agriculture and I have had a brother and father go to ISU; with my brother going through the Agronomy Department as well. So, I had an idea of what was offered and the orientation visit confirmed that I had a made the right choice.

6. What was your first year here like?
I truly enjoyed my first year getting used to being away from home and on my own. It was fun to be independent and meet new friends! The Agronomy Department did a good job of incorporating us into the college and the department.

7. What has been your favorite class?
My favorite class so far has been Agronomy 212 with the lab as we were able to see the actual application of what we are being taught in class to real life situations.

8. What has been your favorite experience in the agronomy program?
My favorite experience within the agronomy program has been the everyday interactions that I have with faculty and fellow peers.

9. You have a faculty adviser, how has your experience been with her?
My experience with Gretchen has been absolutely fantastic. She answers every question I have with clarity and honesty. She truly cares about me as a person; not just an advisee. It also helps she is an agronomy professor because she knows what I should be striving to accomplish at ISU.

10. Do you participate in any student organizations?
I am involved in the Beginning Farmers Network, Agronomy club, soils judging team, and intramurals.

11. Any advice for those considering a major in agronomy?
It is okay to not know exactly what you want to do when you come to college. Use the fundamental agronomy classes to see what interests you for further classes and your option. Agronomy is a diverse major with many career options!

12. Ten years from now, what do you want to be doing?
In ten years I hope to have found a career in the agriculture sector using my agronomy major and life experiences to help others and expand my role within the family grain production operation.
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