i'm an agronomist

Becca Clay

1. Where are you from?
Le Mars, Iowa

2. What first started your interest in agronomy?
Learning about the global food shortage and unsustainable agriculture practices alarmed me, so I decided to major in agronomy to try to help these issues.

3. What are some of the main issues for society that you are concerned about?
I am concerned about world hunger, agriculture practices that hurt the environment, and the lack of care for quality nutrition.

4. Do you have any advice for those thinking about continuing their education to address the issues you’ve mentioned?
Follow your heart; although your goals may seem lofty, the Department of Agronomy at Iowa State will provide you with awesome resources to succeed.

5. Why did you choose Iowa State University?
When I decided that I wanted to major in agronomy, Iowa State seemed like the only logical choice. In addition, there are countless opportunities for research or other involvement on campus.

6. What was your first year here like?
Challenging and exciting are two words to describe my first year here. I am still in the process of learning better time management, but there are so many exciting things going on that it is difficult to not join every club!

7. You have a faculty adviser, how has your experience been with her?
My experience with Dr. Mary Wiedenhoeft has been delightful. Dr. Wiedenhoeft is very supportive and resourceful, plus we have many similar interests and ideas.

8. What has been your favorite class?
So far my favorite class has been Agronomy 114 with Dr. Russell Mullen. I have learned much about the basics of agronomy which I’m sure will benefit me in the future.

9. What has been your favorite experience in the agronomy program?
The Agronomy Learning Community Field Trip was a blast! Getting to know my fellow agronomists and professors was wonderful.

10. Have you been involved with a research project?
I have not been involved with a research project yet, but I am planning to do some research next semester.

11. Do you participate in any student organizations?
I currently participate in President’s Leadership Class, Freshmen Council, First Year Honors Program, the Student Organic Farm, Agronomy Club, House Council (Social Chair), and Hall Council (Sustainability Coordinator). I would also like get involved in the International Agriculture Club (IAAS ISU).

12. Any advice for those considering a major in agronomy?
If you want an interesting major and a rewarding career, a major in agronomy is for you!

13. Ten years from now, what do you want to be doing?
I would like to have graduated from Iowa State and be teaching and implementing efficient and sustainable agricultural practices in a developing nation. I know that I will be able to do this through my well-founded education in agronomy.
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